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When Pavati started building drift boats in 2003 there were no active drift boat patents – a sign that drift boat invention had plateaued. The market was primed and ready for new technology, new ways to create a better fishing experience. Today there are nine active patents in the drift boat industry. We own them all.

We believe in innovation. It's what inspired our brand, and it's what motivates us. We're proud to be leaders of the fishing boat industry, and below you can see just a few of the reasons why.

Adjustable Boat Seats & Accessories

US Patent Number 8.387.940

The Quick-Lock Floor System ™ is the easiest most customizable seat system available in ANY boat today-PERIOD. In a matter of seconds, with no tools required, you can completely rearrange a Pavati to adjust for weight and/or different fishing styles. Move seats side to side or front to back to adjust weight for optimal balance and rowing comfort. Add or remove seats to lighten the load or add an additional fisherman. Put a seat in the back and offset it to run a kicker motor. And it's not just the seats... Reposition your foot rest exactly where you want it, add heater systems, Tackle boxes, Rod holders and other accessories that all work with the same simple system.

Boats with Doors

US Patent Number D610.959

Getting in and out of drift boats, a hazard? If you've been in a drift boat before, you already know this answer. It's cold and wet, you're wearing chest waders and stove up a little from sitting for a while. Bang! You hook up to a big steelhead and need to get out to land it! Right Now! When you finally get your poor old leg over the side, you slip on a mossy rock and, well you know the rest. With a PAVATI, you simply open the door and step out. Fly fisherman get in and out of their drift boats pretty often to sneak up on that wily rainbow. A door allows you to turn and put your feet out first, testing the water depth and the solidity of your footing before you make that giant leap for mankind. If you fly fish, you already know what we're talking about.

Grampa was getting to the point where he couldn't get in the boat anymore. "Why don't they put doors in these boats?" he said. When Chuck decided to build drift boats, this was one of the first things he designed. "I want everyone, young, old, or disabled to enjoy the fun and adventure of riding in a drift boat." says Chuck. Ever get your foot caught trying to sling it over the side of a drift boat? Getting in or out can be embarrassing. Put a pair of chest waders on and it turns into a major feat. Add some moss on the river bottom and you have a potential disaster. Do the doors leak? No. We use a marine grade weather seal around the doors. Plus, we install the doors above the water line. Only during choppy water conditions would water get high enough to come in the door. Most of us would have the door closed at that time. They don't leak. They're also a great spot to revive and/or release fish, wash your hand, or even relieve yourself.

Boat Hull & Bow

US Patent Number D642.108

Anchor Retainers

US Patent Number D685.313

This anchor setup has an anchor nest with a lock to keep the anchor from jumping out during travel, a spot for your drain plugs, a block and tackle setup for easy pulling, and the anchor release mechanism.

Hull Handle Aperture

US Patent Number D685.314

Pavati has added handy grab handles to the sides of the hull. Just below the gunnel rail near the oar locks, we have programmed in computer cut holes. These make it easy to pick the boat up or portage around logs/skinny spots in the river.

Boat Doors

US Patent Number 8.146.526

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