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I have the 17' x 60" warrior and it rows better than my 14' aluminum did. At my age the doors are an awsome thing. Standing on the level floors all day I certainly not as tired when I get off the river. The Pavati is by far the best drifter I have had the pleasure to fish out of, and this is saying a lot.

Don B.

I’m SOOOOO glad I bought it. No regrets, man, not one second! I LOVE this boat!

Zachary Meiling
Portland, Oregon

Simply the best, nothing but good experience dealing with this company, start to finish.

Arlee Rothwell

I have fished one for the last year and love it. the Pavati is the best drift boat that I have ever used.

Portland, Oregon

My special made seat rocks!!! I can't tell you guys how much it meant to be able to sit so comfortably....I almost forgot about my back pain for about 3 hours! That hasn't happen in a loooong time! Thank you guys for your kindness and care you took with it. We had an awesome drift yesterday! And...as for our sexy boat.... people would stop us in restaurant parking lots, and gas stations, and at the take out to talk to us about our Pavati. Even going down the freeway, folks would give us "thumbs up" and big smiles. It was a great day! We couldn't be happier, we love our boat it is amazing...Erik said it was awesome to row, and we both just loved our drift/fish/kick ass time!!! Thanks so much!

Alan M

I bought the 17' Warrior 1 1/2 years ago and love it. I owned a 16' custom built glass boat for 21 years and have rowed several different make of boats in my life time. By far, the Pavati is the easiest to row, plus now that I'm getting older, the doors are sweet for getting in and out. And the best thing about getting this boat is that it was my wife's idea...and she added $3000 dollars more to it then I was going to - sweet!

John Morton

Got the boat on the water today. Rowed 20 plus miles in 4 hours. High water. From 4500 Cfs to 10,000 Cfs. Two different rivers. Started out on the roaring fork. Ended up on the Colorado. Stereo system does rock out out. Boat handled like a dream. Took another experienced oars men with me. He said it handled the best he has ever felt. Felt like rock stars on the river. Lots of looks and the boat definitely was the best on the river!

Mike Pollard
Selah, WA

Well it's been two years since I bought my boat and this is the first time I've taken the time to tell you about my experiences. Why did I wait so long? I believe that endorsements must be earned, not freely given out by someone who just got a brand new (whatever) and thinks it's the greatest. Almost everything is great when new, it's not until that excitement has worn off that troubles crop up.

I've put my 17 foot Warrior into some of the most difficult water that exists in Washington. I live in Selah, Washington and my river of choice is the Klickitat by Goldendale. This river is the toughest on boats since it is riddled with large rocks, steep chutes, and often lower water. This can be a recipe for disaster and the main reason I believe many boaters stay away. I ran this river for 20 years in a fiberglass boat (name witheld) and was amazed that it still held water after hitting so many rocks! The bottom didn't fare very well and had many battle scars and missing gelcoat. The gelcoat was almost completely gone on the chines despite many recoats. The greatest thing is now I FLOAT over those same rocks I used to hit!

Although my boat rides much higher in the water, trouble is always waiting. That happened to me this year on the Klickitat. I had a friend fishing with me and I was in a stretch I hadn't fished for a while. I got caught by swift water and a hungry rock and hit, HARD. How hard? It knocked my passenger from his seat onto the floor! Since it was my first real hit I thought it was a true test to my boat's toughness. Honestly I was a litte apprehensive when I got to the take out. I fully expected a baseball size dent and coating missing. When I couldn't find a dent I was shocked, but when the coating only had a minor scuff I was amazed! I checked inside for structural damage and there was nothing, it was like it didn't happen.

To every great story there is always something that can be a problem. My problem with my boat is it draws so much attention! When I'm floating every, and I mean EVERY other drifter and bank fisherman comments about the boat. I get comments like, "that is the coolest paint job I've ever seen", "what a beautiful boat." The questions usually are, "what does it row like (butter)?", "what about those doors ( I have two and joke with them that it needs a screen door)?", "what kind of coating is on the bottom." I've had guides and other boaters stop me at the launch or take out just to come over and talk about the boat. Nobody asks how many fish I caught or what I'm using anymore, it's always about my boat!

So to sum it all up, I'm delighted that the only new driftboat I've purchased in my life was a Pavati. Since I'm 46, I believe it will be my last!

Troy Creasy, High Adventure Fishing
McKenzie driftboats have been around a long time, in fact you trace them back to the river that bears it's name. They first appeared on the McKenzie River in Oregon in the mid-20th century. Records show that Torkel Gudmund "Tom" Kaarhus, an early Eugene, Oregon resident had skills necessary to make fine furniture and boats. His love of fishing drew him to the McKenzie River and ultimately to boat building. In fact, as a planer at a Eugene lumber mill, it was he who milled the spruce planks for some of the first light board and batten boats. In the 1940's Tom Kaarhus built and sold the first square ended style McKenzie Drift Boat.

Since then numerous builders have made subtle changes to the original style. Transoms were added to accommodate outboard motors, and many wood boats were replaced with fiberglass and aluminum. The basic look and design is pretty generic, so what could boat builder Chuck Gros, a young guy from Oregon who just wanted to make rowing a boat better, do to offset and upset the competition? Where do I start?

The Doors: The most obvious and the most asked about are the doors. The doors are just killer. Anyone that has ever been in a driftboat more than a few times has struggled to get in and out. It is just plain difficult to get your leg over the side while you are in the water or worse trying to find bottom before you fall when you are getting out. The doors work, period. They don't leak, they don't make noise and clients love them.

The Bottom: The bottom of the boat has been dimpled, like you see on golf balls, dimples equal less drag, provide lift, and create a more stable flight. On the bottom of my Pavati the dimples create bubbles that add lift, but the biggest advantage is the ease to break away from the drag of moving water when you're stopping your boat to fish. I am not getting any younger and my boat is big and heavy, and stops and rows like a dream. Anyone is free to contact me if they would like to take a test run.

The Bow: The wave cutter bow, everyone calls it my ice breaker, as it looks just like one and who knows, perhaps this winter I will try it out. The bow cuts the waves; I don't know how or why, it just does. I have run the entire Salmon River in over 1500 cfs and we were dry, never did we take a wave over the bow. I have soaked several clients in years past in other boats.

The Seats: Take your pick, I went with three pedestals and they are adjustable from front to back and side to side. I am happy as are my clients.

Removable Floors: Yep, my level diamond plate floors lift right out, so I can hose out leaves, fish slime and anything else that may accumulate.

With about forty trips under my belt thus far, all I can say is I am impressed.

Scott, New York
I wanted to thank the crew at Pavati with helping me set up my new boat. I have to tell you, this was my first drift boat to own, but not my first to row. I've been in different friends' drift boats and rafts, but none of them handle like my Pavati. The 17 x 61 seems so big in my garage, but on the water, it handles much "Smaller" than other boats I've rowed.

I've gotten a lot of compliments and comments on the river. It's been called a "New York City Boat" or "Pavarotti" by some of the guys in "Brand X" boats, but then when they look at all the features and versatility, from the full flat floors and tackle tower, to the fully adjustable seat boxes and removable leaning braces for fly-fishing, they've all admitted that "this thing is pretty cool!"
Keep up the good work, and thanks again!

Zaq, Oregon
I spent the last 20 years rowing a Willie and a Fishrite. I cut my teeth in those boats and loved them, I felt it was time to upgrade. I rowed most major models either from a friend or a demo. After weighing all the options, I decided on a 17x61 Pavati Warrior. From the first call, to the day of delivery, customer service was superb. Any time I called and said "What do I do about _____?", great explanations were given to me and the order was modified quickly.

Rich, Canada
I am a proud owner of a Pavati Warrior 17'x60" for about a year now. I would recommend Pavati to anyone interested in a drift boat. My boat is the hottest boat on the Skagit. I even have sled owners turning their heads. Chuck and the Pavati team treat you like family during the purchase & sell. I still keep in touch with them on a regular basis.

Littleleaf Guide Service, Oregon
The doors are a blessing for the elders , children and tight waders. We love our Paviti Warrior , spendy and worth it 100%. Now we have to practice opening doors for our clients , like a chauffeur limo driver. Lol! Thanks Chuck and Steve and the Paviti crew.

Carla Young, Idaho
I ordered a boat at the end of May and waited in anticipation all summer for the "New" boat. When I got my new boat, I instantly had an "OMG" moment, and have had the "OMG" feeling since taking delivery of the boat. It is amazing! The boat is beautiful, and the attention to detail is obvious everywhere you look. The boat handles like a dream, and is so roomy and spacious that it is tough to believe that you're in a drift boat. The friends that have gone on the river with me agree that it is by far the nicest drift boat that they've seen, and been in. They too experience the "OMG" moment. I figured since I was getting this nice new boat, I would upgrade to the custom trailer with a catwalk down the center. One time using it and I'm left wondering why I took so long to get that! The catwalk is a wonderful addition to the trailer, and again, the attention to detail is everywhere. It's a beautiful boat and trailer, and one that should last a long time. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such a great product! I couldn't be happier.

Allen, Idaho
The boat is better even than I expected. Really well thought out and engineered. Performs as good as it looks and rows easier than my smaller "other" boat. Lots of compliments while on the river and lots of drooling by my fishing buddy when he took over while I fished. Thanks for all your attention to detail and hard work. Go fish!

Loving the boat boys. You were 100% right about its ability to go places your standard 16x54 can't. Just figured I'd give you a heads up.

Joe, California
Thanks to Ken for meeting us in Grenada and showing us a Pavati Drift Boat as he was going to Santa Rosa. What a fantastic drift boat. I will be up to see your business and view the models on hand.

Thomas, Alabama
The new features of your drift boat caught my eye, and I could not wait to get to your Website. The boating industry needs new innovations to push new designs and the idea of doors is simply genius. The older fishermen will appreciate the fact that entry and exit is a lot easier now.

Jay, Idaho
I`ve seen your add in Salmon Trout Steelheader several times but haven't seen too many of your boats on the rivers in Idaho that I fish. However I think your boat designs are top notch. I also think the local boat manufactorers and dealers in Idaho Falls should take notice.

Brad, Oregon
A friend just got his Pavati and I'm impressed. After my knee replacement and soon to be hip replacement surgery (at 50) those doors are looking really good.

Dave, Pennsylvania
Your boats are the best I have ever seen. I am going up to Pulaski NY in 2 weeks. I see where you have a used driftboat listed for sale at Fat Nancy's shop. I don't know if it's still available but I will be stopping there for supplies and will be looking for it. Great web page too.

Keith, Tennessee
I would love to help you all spread the word down South. I mean...for real the Warrior has the best Features I have ever seen. So keep up the ground breaking work and I can't wait until I get a chance to row one of these babies.

Cody, Utah
I've been looking into getting a good drift boat, I've looked at Hyde and few others but the ideas you guys have come up with are the best I've seen. Thank you for your inovative ideas.

Don, California
I see your ads in STS every edition and now some lucky guy is running a Pavati with an OB jet on the Feather River in Northern California. Looks awesome on the water. I'll be watching your progress with jet boats, as I will be purchasing soon.

James, Washington
Your boats have real good smooth lines and very navigable through the rivers and oceans. Looks like me and my lab fishing on the river banks in the back of Salmon Trout Steelheader Magazine.

Jeremy, Alaska
Starting to look at driftboats... I'm interested to know the starting prices on your different packages, love the doors, pizza oven, and a rowers seat with a back rest! Keep the ideas coming!

Rich, Idaho
Love your creations. All class and great design!

William, Pennsylvania
Great crafts and designs. I am a fan... would love to own one... one day should the deal and opportunity present itself.

Tom, California
Your boats have beautiful lines and innovative features. My future Pavati driftboat awaits.

Denny, Washington
Very Impressive ; just want to make the right choice on a drift boat the first time, so many choices & options.

Geoff, Oregon
I am currently working on getting my wife to see the need for a different boat, the doors on your drift boats are so far the biggest selling point for her.

Alex, Idaho
Boats look awesome, love the creativity and forward thinking.

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