Product Spotlight - Steve's Plug Bucket

Thought I would share a very cool way to store your plugs this year...
All you need is a couple buckets, a drill, some mag lips, lemon joy, scissors, and a brush. I found the yellow bucket at a paint store -one side is flat and the top rim comes down about an inch (that's key so the hook points don't hang below and get caught on everything). it's also kinda tampered so it fits real good in the blue bucket. All you need to do is drill holes every 1 1/2" around the top rim with a small enough bit so the the hooks just fit inside. This helps because if you have barbed hooks you will have to clear the barb to get the plug out and the plugs will not come out on their own while your driving etc. Next I cut a hole just big enough for a pair of scissors, but you could also use a small fillet knife or whatever. Works great, give it a try!

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