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Why Pavati?

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September 05, 2013
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general information
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Pavati boats are the lightest, strongest, and most advanced drift boats on the water. Filled with features that just "make sense", you will find that these boats are in a league of their own - we like to say that they're light on the water, but not on features.

There are currently nine active drift boat patents in existence today; we own all of them. This indicates our commitment to innovate and push the envelope, but it also shows the uniqueness of a Pavati drift boat. Our patented Drifter Doors ™ allow you to get in and out of your boat with ease. The Quick-Lock Floor System ™ enables you to put your seats and accessories anywhere you want them, any time. The Radius Transom ™ improves the navigability and speed of the boat.

These are only a few of the features that cause a Pavati drift boat stand apart from all other drift boats. We are more than the leaders of drift boat technology... we're the inventors. Take a moment to browse our boat models and features.

Have an idea for a feature but don't see it on our website?
Our pro team and fully staffed engineering team work together every day, to create custom features and designs for our customers. With our full aluminum fabrication shop, we can build anything you want into your boat. Just give us a call.

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