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Warrior™ Drift Boat


The Pavati Warrior™ marks a revolution in fishing drift boats. Completely designed, engineered, and lofted by computer. Each hull is run through a series of hydrodynamic tests to ensure the least possible amount of drag while still insuring the fast response and nimble performance you demand. All of the parts are then cut and formed by CNC machines – no parts on this boat are cut by hand. The result is the best rowing, most comfortable, user friendly, most reliable drift boat in the world. The Warrior™ brings to the fishing world the patented Wave Cutter Bow™. Between the Wave Cutter and the a perfect hybrid formula of aircraft aluminum and a High-Modulus-Polyethylene (HMPE) body, the Warrior™ is a fish killing machine. 

Drift Boat Sizes

16 x 55 Warrior™
16 x 61 Warrior™
17 x 61 Warrior™


√ Wave Cutter Bow ™

√ Ultimate Rowers Seat

√ Drifter Doors ™ 

√ Quick-Lock Floor System ™ 

√ Bow Storage

√ Extra Large Side Storage Compartments

√ 12 Position Oar Lock 

√ Hexagon Floor Ribs

√ Element Drift Boat Seats

√ Pizza Oven Line Deck

√ Locking Anchor Nest ™

√ Patented Grab Handles

√ The “Truth” Fish Scale

√ Removable Diamond Plate Floor

√ Magnetic Side Storage Compartments

√ True Level Floor 



Warrior™ Drift Boat Features


The Wave Cutter bow is the Warrior’s trademark feature. It offers not only form, but function. Designed primarily for the guys who will be running lots of white water and technical rapids. The patented Wave Cutter bow borrows its technology from larger sea going vessels. While going through stacked rollers traditional drift boats with their blunt front ends are pushed side-to-side by the waves. The rower is forced to use his oars to keep him going in a straight direction. 


The “Wave Cutter” does exactly what the name says- it cuts those waves like a hot knife through butter. This allows the rower to concentrate on the next rock or fast encroaching river bend. It does all of this while keeping the boat drier by pushing the water away from the boat — instead of over the side. Although most of the time the “Wave Cutter” is 10-12″ out of the water doing nothing but looking cool, the benefits in white water are unmatched.



This is a sore subject with Chuck… Literally. He could never understand why the rower had to sit on uncomfortable ropes or straps all day or a hard plastic tractor seat, while the passengers got nice comfortable high backed padded seats. But this seemed to be the industry standard — sore backs and sore butts.


We set out to design the first row seat that was made for long days and lots of them. An oversized, overstuffed seat pad was a must. Then we designed a flexible, removable seat back that gives you the back support you need without intruding on those big strokes in tight situations. Now the rower’s seat is the best spot in the boat- and it’s about time.



This is one of the defining characteristics of a Pavati drift boat. We know timing is the most important part of landing a big catch, and when you hook up to a giant steelhead, you need to be able to get in the water at a moment’s notice. Once you’ve hurdled the gunwale, you land on a slippery rock, lose your footing, and recover only to realize that the fish is gone. Time to figure out how to get back in the boat! 


This has happened to every fisherman at some point, but not with Pavati Drifter Doors. Invented and patented by Pavati founder Chuck Gros, these multifunctional doors are designed for the sole purpose of making your life simpler. Every Pavati drift boat comes standard with one, but can be equipped with as many as four. 



Everyone changes, and every serious fisherman needs a boat that will change with him. That’s why we invented the Quick-Lock Floor System ™, a system that allows you to add, move, replace, and upgrade everything in the boat; from seats to rod holders and leaders.


This is the easiest and most customizable seat system available in any boat today, without exception. In a matter of seconds, with no tools required, you can completely rearrange your boat to adjust for weight, gear and different fishing styles. Add or remove seats to lighten the load or add an additional fisherman. Reposition your foot rest exactly where you want it. Add heater systems, tackle boxes, rod holders and other accessories that all work with the same simple system.



When you get your new Pavati drifter you want everything to be perfect. Having the oar locks in the right place is essential. Twelve different positions ensure that you will get the most leverage you can for those times when you need all the horsepower you can muster. If you want to fish 1-1-1 (three in a row), for the popular side drifting technique, you may want to move your row seat forward to balance the boat. This means you will need to move the oar locks too. No matter how you want to set your boat up, fly fishing, bait fishing, or pulling plugs, our simple clip locks allow you to move the oarlocks to the optimum position in seconds. 

On top of that we offer you “Kenny Helfrich’s” stainless steel – super strong – oar locks. Kenny, a third generation Eugene Oregon area guide, developed these oar locks to not only be super strong but to stop your oar from climbing up the side of the oar lock with each stroke as most do. If you’ve rowed a boat much you’ve probably noticed the thump, thump, after each stroke. That noise is the oar dropping back to the bottom of the oarlock. Also, in a real tough situation, these oar locks are designed to flex enough to allow your oars to pop out of these oar locks. Kenny says, “These are the last pair of oar locks you will ever own.” — That’s good enough for us.



Our patented Locking Anchor Nest is a revolutionary feature that you’ll find in all Pavati drift boats. This setup has an anchor nest with a lock to keep the anchor from jumping out during travel, a spot for your drain plugs, a block and tackle setup for easy pulling, and the anchor release mechanism. Gone are the days of tripping over your anchor that’s sitting on the floor.  



The side trays offer more than just added strength in this boat; they provide much needed storage space as well. This is a great place for life jackets, a break down oar, fire extinguisher, extra layers of clothes, or whatever else you want to have out of the way but right at your fingertips.



Our patented Hexagon Floor Braces have been computer designed by our engineers to act not only as the backbone of the boats structure, but also to hold the true intended shape of the boat. Other manufacturers use a wood or steel jig that forces the boat into its shape, then it’s welded and removed from the jig. This puts a lot of unwanted stress on the hull and doesn’t make for a very consistent manufacturing process – the boats “bounce back” a little after it’s removed from the jig. Much like an airplanes wing, Pavatis Hexagon Stiffeners are the jig. They are cut out by CNC machines to the exact shape that is desired, then welded into the boat permanently to insure the correct and original design is accomplished. To top it all off, we punch hundreds of “Hex” holes into the stiffeners, removing an excess weight yet still keeping the strength in tact. The result: the strongest and lightest stiffeners possible!



Pavati’s Element Boat Seats are unlike any boat seats ever made. To keep weight down boat manufacturers typically use cheap, off the shelf plastic seats. Not only are they cheap and have to be replaced constantly, they also aren’t very comfortable after a full day on the river. Comfort is a must with Pavati so our in-house master upholsterers designed and built the world’s first light-weight comfortable boat seat that will hold up to the elements. We use only the most premium marine vinyl, super dense overstuffed padding, lightweight composite backs and bottoms, and all aluminum and stainless hardware to create the nicest drift boat seat ever built. Period.



The Pizza Oven does exactly what it says. This baby can cook a pizza! This is an enclosed space that is heated by our propane heating system. Keep your breakfast warm or even pick up yourself an entire pizza to cook for lunch! When not in use, this feature is an awesome storage compartment. It’s water dry and secluded so cell phones, wallets and cameras often find themselves in the oven. 



Pavati has added handy grab handles to the sides of the hull. Just below the gunnel rail near the oar locks, we have programmed in computer cut holes. These make it easy to pick the boat up or portage around logs/skinny spots in the river.



How many times have you wanted to know how long your fish was to see if it was legal to keep? Or just to brag about? In the past you had to drag out a tape measure, if you could find it, or just guess. Not only was this inconvenient but a lot of fish died because we didn’t get them back in the water in time. PAVATI continues to set the pace with scales on both sides of your drift boat as standard equipment. The computer numerical controlled (CNC) designed, “THE TRUTH”, tape measures make measuring fish and leaders a one man job. Measure your fish in seconds and let it go. Up to 60 inches. PAVATI drift boats not only catch fish, they save them too! Not a sticker, it’s engraved right in the aluminum. Great for measuring leaders too.



The smell of 8-month old fish blood and spoiled bait gathering in the bottom of your boat probably isn’t your favorite smell. It’s not ours either, which is why we build all of our Pavati drift boats with removable floors. Now you can reach every part of your boat, all the way down to the hull in seconds!

The floor is made up of several large panels, each firmly secured with premium 3M Military Grade Velcro that won’t collect debris or lose its stickiness.



Our magnetic side storage compartments save you time and space while you’re on the water. With built in magnets that pilot our “Quick-Draw” technology, you always have your most needed tools one small reach away.



Do you enjoy stumbling and tripping over the uneven floors in a typical drift boat? Perhaps you enjoy watching your near-catch get away as you struggle to keep from falling into the water? Of course not! That’s why we invented level floors for our boats. Yes, this boat has a truly level floor, with no rises or drops to trip you at the perfectly imperfect time.

This simple but exclusively Pavati feature is just another of saying that we understand you.



When it comes to cup holders in a boat, you can never have too many. They are great spots for everything, including scissors, pliers, scents, sun block, and even the occasional cold drink!