Pavati Drift Boat Reviews

Here are just some of the reviews that our Pavati customers over the years have sent us.

Nothing but happy campers!

Joe | Colorado


“My wife Ann and I are very impressed with the level of technology and engineering you have invested in your products.  But most of all we are impressed with the craftsmanship and performance.  We are nearing 75 miles of float time and I have to tell you that my Pavati Legacy performs as advertised, exceeding my expectations in every way.  From put in to take out, the performance resonates into our fishing experience with both profound and subtle influences.  All of the things I have been complaining about all these years with my old boat….are fixed.  Function is an understatement.  Stability is the best in the business.  Durability is bullet proof. Comfort and Rower fit is awesome.  I even had a buddy try for two days of floating the Bighorn try to pick it apart and find a reason not to own one.  This is truly a product you should be proud of. 

Fly-fishing is my passion.  I am obsessed with it and now I have the tool that, to quote you: “is a game changer” I am already making plans to visit, explore and fish places that most folks put on their bucket lists.  Heck, in four weeks we have hit the South Fork of the Snake, the Bighorn and the North Platte at Grey Reef.  I can’t wait till the next trip and having this boat in the mix makes planning the next adventure a blast in itself.  I have to admit, my wife finds me sitting in it a lot in the garage.  Now she knows why I named it the “Concubine”!”

Darryl | Washington


“Hey guys, I had an awesome summer and fall in the nicest boat on any river I fished. I couldn’t be happier with the whole package. My clients this year were amazed with the boat and its performance. At one of the holes on the Humptulips river I had another guides client step out of his boat and rolled right into the water. Got up and pointed at my Pavati and claimed ” thats the boat I need to be in” I just smiled and opened the doors and let my guys out.”

John | Colorado


“Got the boat on the water today. Rowed 20 plus miles in 4 hours. High water. From 4500 Cfs to 10,000 Cfs. Two different rivers. Started out on the roaring fork.  Ended up on the Colorado. Stereo system does rock out out. Boat handled like a dream. Took another experienced oars men with me. He said it handled the best he has ever felt. Felt like rock stars on the river. Lots of looks and the boat definitely was the best on the river!”

Mike | Washington


“Well it’s been two years since I bought my boat and this is the first time I’ve taken the time to tell you about my experiences.  Why did I wait so long?  I believe that endorsements must be earned, not freely given out by someone who just got a brand new (whatever) and thinks it’s the greatest.  Almost everything is great when new, it’s not until that excitement has worn off that troubles crop up.

I’ve put my 17 foot Warrior into some of the most difficult water that exists in Washington.  I live in Selah, Washington and my river of choice is the Klickitat by Goldendale.  This river is the toughest on boats since it is riddled with large rocks, steep chutes, and often lower water.  This can be a recipe for disaster and the main reason I believe many boaters stay away.  I ran this river for 20 years in a fiberglass boat (name witheld) and was amazed that it still held water after hitting so many rocks!  The bottom didn’t fare very well and had many battle scars and missing gelcoat.  The gelcoat was almost completely gone on the chines despite many recoats.  The greatest thing is now I FLOAT over those same rocks I used to hit!

Although my boat rides much higher in the water, trouble is always waiting.  That happened to me this year on the Klickitat.  I had a friend fishing with me and I was in a stretch I hadn’t fished for a while.  I got caught by swift water and a hungry rock and hit, HARD.  How hard?  It knocked my passenger from his seat onto the floor!  Since it was my first real hit I thought it was a true test to my boat’s toughness.  Honestly I was a litte apprehensive when I got to the take out.  I fully expected a baseball size dent and coating missing.  When I couldn’t find a dent I was shocked, but when the coating only had a minor scuff I was amazed!  I checked inside for structural damage and there was nothing, it was like it didn’t happen.
To every great story there is always something that can be a problem.  My problem with my boat is it draws so much attention!  When I’m floating every, and I mean EVERY other drifter and bank fisherman comments about the boat.  I get comments like, “that is the coolest paint job I’ve ever seen”, “what a beautiful boat.”  The questions usually are, “what does it row like (butter)?”, “what about those doors ( I have two and joke with them that it needs a screen door)?”, “what kind of coating is on the bottom.”  I’ve had guides and other boaters stop me at the launch or take out just to come over and talk about the boat.  Nobody asks how many fish I caught or what I’m using anymore, it’s always about my boat!

So to sum it all up, I’m delighted that the only new driftboat I’ve purchased in my life was a Pavati.  Since I’m 46, I believe it will be my last!”